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Paul Benjamins Paul Benjamins Paul Benjamins
When artists paint they enter into a relationship with the traditions of that practice and agree that the constituents of painting are colour, surface, line and the way the materials are applied. In painting, meaning is apprehended as much through these elements as through an image or motif. Painters know that at least some of these concerns must be dealt with in painting because if they are all abandoned painting ceases to be painting. The same conditions apply to other art forms with strong traditions. A Flamenco guitarist when asked to define his art once said: “It is like a bird in a cage. The bird can fly anywhere within the cage but it must not escape or it is no longer Flamenco.” In the same way, painting retains links with its tradition through its essential constituents and these determine what paintings look like as well as signify what they can mean.

Kevin O’Brien.

Exhibitions and Events:

May 11th 2014
15 Lyndhurst Way
SE15 5AG

11am until 6pm

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